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Mos Eisley Spaceport

10 ‘Star Wars’ Products to Prove Your Love

Is the Force so strong with you that you don’t even need to wear Star Wars gear? Us too! But sometimes without paraphernalia, other fans don’t take you seriously. Here are 10 accessories to put posers in their place and show who’s the true Jedi master.

1. Chewbacca Inspired Seat Belt and Strap Cover

Chewbacca Belt


What were you saying? I couldn’t hear over how awesome I am as I buckle up.

2. Rebel Alliance Earrings



Black goes with everything, and these sophisticated symbols of the Rebel Alliance can be worn to any occasion without drawing unwanted attention from the haters, but earning winks of approval from the fandom.

3. Jedi Bath Robe

Jedi Bathrobe


Maybe no one will be seeing you in this, but just incase the Vogons attack during an unexpected time, you’ll be hitchhiking the galaxy in style.

4. Space Slug Oven Mitt

Space Slug Oven Mitt


If your dinner guest doesn’t know what this is, then it’s clear a deep level of companionship is not going to work out.

5. Death Star Tea Infuser

Death Star Tea Infuser


For the very subtle fan, this little beauty ties in classic elegance with pop culture.

6. Star Wars Hans Solo Wall Treatment

Wall Treatment


Rest assured that only the most dedicated, true, and loyal Star Wars fans will have this in their home. The very special few, indeed.

7. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Back Pack

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack


You’re right, I’m not a fan because I’m not wearing a t-shirt. I’m a part of the actual Rebel Alliance because I got the gear, poser!

8. Mos Eisley Spaceport Pint Glass

Mos Eisley Spaceport


Please let us know exactly how many people ask how great Mos Eisley’s was that you purchased pint glasses from there on your travels. And for those who do get the reference, cheers!

9. Star Wars LightSaber Ice Pop Maker

Star Wars Pop


Arm yourself and the children from the upcoming summer heat the right way: with homemade lightsaber ice pops. Less of the sugar, more of the saving-the-galaxy. They even light up with LEDs!

10. Star Wars Window Decals and Tints

best window tint ever

(Thanks to Nerdgasm on Facebook, and you can find more window decals at Amazon.com)

Not exactly discreet, but definitely envy-worthy.

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