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I wish I had friends as cool as these people

10 Things That Happen When You Marathon 3 Seasons of Big Bang Theory in 3 Days

Binge-watching. Is there any activity better known by Millenials? When we aren’t busy working those obnoxious service jobs or updating Facebook, browsing the latest addition on Netflix is likely your next stop (as a fellow Millenial, this observation is made without judgement). And what’s wrong with that? Well, in this weather: absolutely nothing. But sometimes, coming off a three day binge can be the hardest part.  You find yourself waiting for the wheezing groan of the TARDIS in the garden outside. You imagine intricate deductions for the lives of strangers. You pretend to be an expert hacker with justice at your finger tips. But you know it’s bad when you find yourself waiting for the laugh track to that clever joke you cracked under your breath to the BFF. That’s when you know it’s time to take a break. Rejoin the real world. Maybe make your real friends laugh instead of imaginary audiences?

We could write a million lists about the very real and unique struggles of Binge-Watching Doctor Who/Sherlock/Arrow…but today? This Millenial offers you the struggles — and triumphs– of watching a little too much Big Bang Theory. Because yes, as it turns out, there is such a thing as too much Sheldon Cooper.

10) You inevitably become more socially awkward. Either because of too much Sheldon Cooper exposure or simply as a result of watching 60 episodes in 72 hours.

And Thats How Its Done

9) You spend an inordinate amount of time craving Thai Food.

Big-bang-theory-food (Image Source)

8) You find yourself fighting the urge to call your Geology friend to taunt him that his is not a Real Science.

Geology (Image Source)

7) You begin to think that you, too, should have designated laundry nights.

Sheldon Cooper laundry (Image Source)

6)  You realize that if Former Arch-Enemy Wil Wheaton can become one of Sheldon Cooper’s 9 Best Friends, then anyone can be your Best Friend. Well. Maybe. We’re not so sure about Data.

wil Wheaton

5) You begin to wonder if an excess of fabric softener does make you more sleepy.

You're preaching to the choir (Image Source)

4) You begin to consider yourself a physicist-by-proxy.

molecules (Image Source)

3) If it was possible to lobby for Sainthood of a fictional character, you would champion Sheldon’s Mom, Mary Cooper.

marycooper (Image Source)

2) Penny’s drinking choices make you feel better about your own.

Don't talk just drink (Image Source)

1) Penny’s life choices make you feel better about your own.

I'm adorable (Image Source)


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