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17 Reasons Why The Mindy Project Is The Best Female Comedy on Hulu

Ladies, rejoice! If you haven’t seen The Mindy Project, you’re missing out on the voice of a generation. Here are some of the best gifs to prove the point.

1. From the first few episodes, we loved her open honesty to her best friend.
I'm Disappointed in where this conversation is going

2. She gave women new hope on fat come-backsI am not overweight

3. She has people around her to hold her accountable.Do You Exercise or Play Sports

4. Mindy is totally one of us, here in the fandom, and feels our struggles.Draco Malfoy

5. She voices our soul-crushed thoughts perfectly.
Feed me Sour Straws Please

6. I’m pretty certain this exactly situation has happened to me.How Did You Beat Me To The Car

7. Our similar eating habits pay off when we do shots as competition.I Ate An Entire Loaf of Bread

8. The insecurities that everyone on the show has gives me hope in humanity.I heard my name

9. Morgan’s smooth movesSent From My Smartphone

10. The jabs the show takes at “old” peopleWho is this? (Image Source)

11. Mindy’s continued unwavering honesty.Your Secret is Safe With Me

12. Danny is seriously saying what we’re all thinking.Sunglasses Emoji

13. That awesome time when Mindy and Danny accidentally saw each other naked in a co-ed steam room and had pointers afterwards.

Mindy’s notes on Danny:Trainer Episode 1

What Mindy thought Danny’s notes would be on her:

Trainer Episode 2

14. Even though Mindy was expecting a gift, Danny proved the best gifts are free.Danny Dancing to Justin Timberlake

15. Even the hot people embarrass themselvesI don't want to get murdered, Danny!

“I don’t want to get murdered, Danny!”

16. Everyone embarrasses themselvesMorgan 1Morgan 2Morgan 3Morgan 4

17. This.

Diamond Dan 1Diamond Dan 2

Diamond Dan 3Diamond Dan 4Diamond Dan 5Diamond Dan 6Diamond Dan 7Diamond Dan 8

“Whoa, Nelly!”

I really want to say The Mindy Project is the best comedy, but I keep running up against men who groan whenever all the girls light up when The Mindy Project comes up. I’m not certain why men dislike it exactly; do they hate that men are sexualized? That women are funny? Honest? That Mindy has standards and the men around her are kind of jerks? I’m not 100% certain what it is that nearly every guy I’ve talked to groans about The Mindy Project, but I do know that all the ladies gasp, their eyes go wide, and smiles break out across their faces. I know that I have actually lost sleep over The Mindy Project, and I know that even though I just bingewatched everything available on Hulu in 2 weeks (I work, it was Thanksgiving and I traveled, and I’m in a relationship so I have to break up my Mindy Project with Brooklyn Nine Nine), I want to do it all over again. Perhaps I’m just emotionally too close to it right now, maybe I need to take a step back and analyze it from a distance. But that’s just really not going to happen any time soon. #sorrynotsorry.

Mindy Kaling is hilarious, ¬†and I’m so glad she’s created this incredible character of Dr. Mindy Lahiri for me to look at and go “I think I have it figured out.” I want to be her best friend! Possibly what’s so likable about Lahiri is that she’s a good person, but she’s just a little too self centered to really make it. She’s a single woman in a practice full of men and tries to hold her own. She’s trying to juggle her professional career, which she genuinely wants, with her biological clock ticking away. She wants to be a doctor and help women receive healthcare, but she also wants to have a family. She can’t seem to figure out how to do both. And the way she goes about it sometimes is cringeworthy.

I was just told. The apparent reason guys don’t like the show is it’s not logic driven. It’s completely emotion driven and reaction based. I get that, actually. The show is emotion driven. But really, that’s kind of the point.When you’re blinded by love, life is only emotion driven, and it can be incredibly difficult to see logic.¬†Mindy has to learn from her actions that she’s done based on her emotions, and as she once pointed out, we learn each time and become a little better.

The great thing about The Mindy Project is that everyone on the show is a voice of conscience, even Mindy. When she’s not the subject of the issue, she can see clearly what’s going on and helps her friends out. When she’s doing something, her friends try to help her out. New people come on the show and while it’s an obnoxious start, I’m always glad I stick in there. And in the end, every one learns something and grows as a person, which really, isn’t that what life is really all about? We learn how to handle relationships, start new relationships, end old ones, deal with people at work, appreciate our friends, and realize what we have in our lives. I love The Mindy Project, and I cannot wait for it to keep coming!

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