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captain america black widow

5 Reasons Why ‘The Winter Soldier’ is a Must See

Here at Larkable, we’ve been very excited about the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, and now we have 5 legitimate reasons why you should be too.

captain america: the winter soldier

5. The 3D is out of this world

Let’s get this out of the way: there’s no such thing as an original story–it’s all in the delivery. When it comes to movies it breaks down into several components, but cinematography is huge, and The Winter Soldier delivers a stunning visual performance. I saw it in IMAX 3D; it was gripping, it could make you physically react, and for nearly the entire 2 and a half hours I forgot I was watching a movie because it just feels like it’s happening around you. That’s hard to maintain for that kind of time frame, even with dedicated fans, so props to the writers, the directors, the camera peeps, and the editors.

(If you’re going to see it once, see it right: IMAX 3D y’all.)

4. The story is somewhat believable

Personally, I liked the first Captain America. OK, fine, I just liked Steve Rogers. He was a complete opposite to Johnny Storm, so it made Chris Evans stand out as more than just a comedic, cocky, ass. Steve Rogers was a guy with some heart, a guy who wanted to do the right thing, and had always been the runt but had the courage of, well, a hero. Steve was willing to sacrifice anything to be better, do better, and finally the opportunity arose that he could do all of that. It wasn’t the muscles that made him rescue the men in Nazi Germany, his muscles didn’t gain him any respect, it was his honest-to-goodness conscious. At his very core, he was just a good guy and made his chance to do something with it.

It was hard enough for Steve Rogers in the 1940’s to do the good he wanted to do, and it’s damn near impossible in the 2010’s. He wants to be a part of a team (the military/S.H.I.E.L.D), he wants to save people, and he doesn’t want to be lied to while doing it. Simple enough on paper, complicated in “reality.”

S.H.I.E.L.D walks a fine line between protecting freedom and creating tyranny. Following our timeline (albeit, in the Marvel Universe), it makes sense to be proactive against terrorism. Steve sees it’s clearly not protecting freedom, it’s creating fear and he’s vocal about it. It’s obvious enough in the teaser that he’s been targeted to be taken out. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but that’s exactly what happens. That fine line that the Captain was vocal about shifts entirely and jolts the world with it.


Now I truly enjoy a good, old fashion, alien attack just like every one else. I really do enjoy Nordic Gods just showing up and creating chaos. But I have to say, it is so refreshing to just have a nice, predictable, and probably-more-plausible government infiltration/terrorism flick to throw in the mix. I’m not saying that aliens won’t attack, or semi trucks won’t transform into warring (alien) robots, or a man in a blue box won’t pull the world out of a temporally desynchronized pocket universe, but I am saying that the chances of a drug-abusing stage actor depicting a leader of a global terrorist organization to distract and cover up a political shift of control might be somewhat higher. Because I enjoy a little dramatic controversy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier had my ear the entire time.

Also, if you ever start thinking that the government has all your information, just spend a day at any government facility trying to get something done in a reasonable amount of time. Try it: the DMV, court house, post office, or be creative and come up with something yourself. That should calm your paranoia nerves all in one very long sitting. Target’s marketing team has more info on you than the US government.

3. The characters are real people


Since the storyline is rockin’, the character development is rockin’. The friendship that developed between Sam and Steve wasn’t forced, but a smooth, natural progression based on how they met, their personalities, and what they expected out of life. We get to see Natasha for who she really is, more than we’ve ever been allowed in any of the other movies. It’s a little more obvious why Nick Fury is as cold as he is.

In fact, there’s a moment early in the movie–and it’s pretty inconsequential–where Fury tells Steve a story about his grandfather. It’s an anecdote that doesn’t contribute anything to the movie except pointing out how far the Fury family (and society) has come. It was a beautiful moment, and that it was in this movie, a movie based around a cartoon comic book character, spoke to just how much soul is in the Marvel Universe. It’s come from a franchise pawing for movie-goer money to actually having some heart, some good writing, and genuinely likable characters.

Robert Redford comes in and gives a performance to remind us why he’s been considered such a great actor in the past. He’s immediately believable in his role and does a fantastic job seamlessly delivering on the truth that his character, Alexander Pierce, has been bff’s with Nick Fury since well before MTV. Or something like that.

2. You get to see some action

captain america black widow

Lately I’ve been watching the original series of Star Trek and it should be said, fighting choreography has really come a long, long, way.

The fight scenes in this movie are awesome. Not only is it all about what Cap can do with that shield of his, but the hand-to-hand combat is intense. There are guns and bombs and shit falling out of the sky, but we expect that out of action movies. Captain America: The Winter Soldier pleases audiences with physical combat between Cap and a pirate, Cap and the Winter Soldier, Sam with the leader of the Strike team, and Black Widow against basically every single henchman in the movie.


By the end of the movie you’ll feel exhausted, but in that ‘I-can’t-believe-I-just-completed-that-hour-of-P90X-I-feel-awesome!!’ exhausted way, not the ‘I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-face-another-exam-like-that-at-the-end-of-the-semester’ exhausted way.

If you’re looking for romance, look elsewhere. You’re not going to find it. But be honest: do you really want a romance between two Avengers? Unless it’s the backstory of Black Widow and Hawk Eye, I know I don’t.

1. It adds to the growing soup cauldron of mystery that is The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, and I won’t, but according to everything I read leading up to this movie, all was implied that The Winter Soldier is not contributing to the infinity stones story line.

I’m not 100% certain that’s true.

In fact, where it seemed like Thor: The Dark World was fleshing out the infinity stones story line, this movie felt like it was actually creating some sort of backbone for what’s to come.

No spoilers yet. Something more will come once the movie has been watched a few more times to confirm, but after watching the post credit scenes…this writer has a pretty solid suspicion that The Winter Soldier is going to have a lot of information critical to following Phase 3 of what Marvel has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Go get tickets! See it in 3D, and if possible, see it in IMAX. See for yourself why Captain America: The Winter Soldier might actually be Marvel’s best film to date.

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