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Orphan Black

Say Goodbye to Your Weekend and Hello to “Orphan Black”

Our Favorite Corporate BFFs have struck again: BBC announced this morning that Orphan Black will stream exclusively on Amazon Instant Prime.

Orphan Black

This announcement comes only weeks after BBC revealed that Amazon Prime had commissioned a third series of the cancelled BBC historical drama Ripper Street. For those of us without BBCAmerica, the Amazon/BBC relationship is welcome news. This writer had been itching to watch Orphan Black ever since the pilot blew up on Tumblr. The excellence of the show aside, critics are raving about the lead actress,  Canadian Tatiana Maslany,

“Provided Orphan Black retains smart writing and a lasting audience, the series is poised to make actress Tatiana Maslany a more widely recognized talent. She and her characters(s) are seductively sexy and intelligently charming…Maslany’s tantalizing presence is constantly captivating and can sell suspension of disbelief like ice to an Eskimo.”
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For those unfamiliar with the new BBC hit series, Orphan Black is a compelling mystery adventure in modern-day science fiction.  It all begins when streetwise Sarah Manning (Maslany) witnesses the suicide of a complete stranger who, somehow, looks identical to Sarah. Hoping to escape her own problems, Sarah assumes the stranger’s identity only to find herself catapulted out of the frying pan and into the fire. Sarah has stumbled into a lethal conspiracy she can’t even begin to understand.

Orphan Black
The talented Tatiana Maslany stars on “Orphan Black” where she currently plays four different characters.

Interested? If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can start streaming the show here. If you don’t have amazon…well, you could pay $2-3 per episode…or you can pay the flat fee of $89/year and gain access to shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf, the History Channel’s Vikings, the canceled-too-soon classic Pushing Daisies and other Amazon Prime original shows. At Larkable, we’re just sorry Amazon wasn’t negotiating with BBC earlier…maybe we could have had a sixth season of Merlin.  

Meanwhile, Season 2 of Orphan Black premiers Saturday, April 19th on BBCAmerica.


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