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Attention Whovians: Lego Now Accepting ‘Doctor Who’ Designs


Due to a past license conflict being removed, the popular franchise Lego now has rights to the other popular franchise, Doctor Who.

Yeah, cool, right? Lego posted the license conflicts and resolutions that lifted their ban on all things Doctor Who. To clarify exactly what that means, The Brickman gives the example that we can possibly expect Doctor Who Lego sets.

Isn’t your blood pumping right now?! Can we expect a TARDIS control room? We’d be all over that!

Now, there are already Lego-like sets of Doctor Who, but those aren’t actually Lego. It’s another block-toy company that has previously held the Doctor Who rights. And I haven’t run across them in the States.


When Bleeding Cool covered the story, they had this to say:

Now, there might be so many that they split the vote but I think it’s very likely that before we know it, some user designed Who kit gets the requisite 10,000 fan “likes” that will see it go before the Lego board.

All they’ll have to do then is make a deal with BBC Worldwide. A deal that, at the very least, is no longer completely impossible.

If you design and submit a Doctor Who set to the Cuusoo project please let me know and we’ll pass it on to our readers. It might be the extra push you need to cross the finish line.

Let us here at Larkable know and we’ll do the same! This is what the fandom is all about anyways, right? We’re a community of similar interests and we just want to help each other out.

Bleeding Cool also brought up the idea that this new allowance of rights might also let the Doctor make an appearance in a Lego movie sequel. The first Lego movie did so well, why not?


Now doesn’t this make you grin on a Wednesday afternoon?

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