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Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or something else, it can be super difficult to pick just the right gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. Not to worry, we have you covered. Whether they are a die-hard collector or a new fan, these gift ideas are sure to make you a winner! 1. Mimobot  Star Wars Flash Drives   This awesome series of USB drives comes in many different sizes and in practically every character in the series! I personally have the…

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Open Your Ears To: Neverwhere Adaptation Review

We wrote on Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere before, and now that the Neverwhere adaptation has been released and we’ve had time to digest the content, we at Larkable have something to say about it. Usually this writer prefers actual audiobooks as opposed to adaptations, but this Neverwhere adaptation is unlike any other radio production you’ll hear. The stars of the BBC radio Neverwhere adaptation are James McAvoy (Young Professor Charles Xavier) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell). McAvoy gets to let loose with his full Scottish accent…

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Mattel Hoverboard

Nike Designer Confirms Power Laces for Back to the Future High Tops in 2015

With 2015 right around the corner, the pressure is on to live up to Robert Zemeckis’ clothing predictions in Back to the Future II. Thankfully, Marty McFly’s self-lacing hightop shoes are expected to be available on schedule, according to Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. He says YES to power laces on an undisclosed Nike shoe in 2015! Nike’s previous release of this style, the Nike MAG was a slam dunk hit even without power laces, raising nearly $6 million dollars for the Michael J. Fox Foundation…

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forever alone

15 Awesome (or sad) Singles Awareness Day Memes

Singles Awareness Day is often overlooked, and we won’t stand for it. Grab your ice cream and join us in celebration of being you!

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What a Comcast-Time Warner Merger Means to You, the Fandom

The tech media is all abuzz with news of the proposed merger between cable giants Comcast and Time Warner. But how exactly does this impact TV fans? More than you might expect. Already, the two largest cable companies in the U.S. hold some of (if not the) lowest customer satisfaction ratings in the history of service providers. A combination of little-to-no competition keeps their service abysmal and their prices sky-high. However, these factors get much, much worse with the proposed merger of these two giants.…

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Imperial Walker

Star Wars Proves Everything Is Better With Lasers at Sochi Olympics

Love it or hate it, you have to agree that this Star Wars/Olympic skiing mashup is much better off with all the lasers! Sometimes, the creativity of fans on the internet wins gold, and I dare say this is one for the books. Youtube ‘pro’ Natholdetpaatv2 has created a hilarious mashup showing Imperial walkers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back going up against some unfortunate Olympic hopefuls on the downhill slopes. Of course, Tumblr jumped all over it, and now you can find gifs…

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American Gods Cover

Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Neil Gaiman’s American Gods TV Show

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods deserves the best production quality, and I’m not so sure it will get it, now. As one of my personal favorite books, I already had mixed feelings about how a TV show adaptation might ‘ruin’ my well-imagined world of men and mystery. Now, with the announcement that HBO is no longer handling the production of the show, doubt continues to grow. Today, FreemantleMedia (American Idol, The X Factor) has announced that they finalized the rights to turn this award-winning depiction of…

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Guess Who’s Playing Lex Luthor?

Whether you are a die-hard Superman fan, or a devout follower of all things Black Knight, you can’t help but notice things are shaking up with Warner Bros. upcoming Superman/Batman film. This morning, the studio announced its latest cast choices for key characters Lex Luthor and Alfred. According to the LA Times, much of the speculation around the actors chosen for these two roles is actually way off base. The complex character of Lex Luthor is set to be embodied by Jessie Eisenberg. Known for…

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