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Parks and Rec

The 6 Best Shows to Binge On

If you’re not really into sports, we have an alternative suggestion to whittle away the hours while everyone else is watching the big game: binge on a few of these fan favorite shows!


6. Firefly

firefly binge

This futuristic show about smugglers in space shot like an a Western a good starter because there’s only one season. Yup, the Western frontier and Final frontier collided. Why is there only one season? Well, there are a few reasons, but ultimately, the timing was just poor on the network’s part.

I sweare by my pretty floral bonnet

Most likely it was aired at a time when the prime audience for the show couldn’t catch it, so after a first amazing season it was cut loose. But it is an incredible first season.

everything looks good

Firefly is so incredible, in fact, that fans were able to rally behind creator Joss Wheadon and got enough support to wrap up the story–way too quickly, actually–in a full length film, Serenity. Serenity is also incredible, in case you’re wondering. In fact, you’ve probably seen it on TV and not even realized it. There’s not an uninteresting part in the entire movie, so when channel surfing, most people tend to pause on it and immediately get sucked into whatever is going on. Firefly is just like that, only you have 14 episodes each 42 minutes long instead of a 2 hour movie. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll love it, just be careful to split up the season into doable parts, otherwise, you will watch all of them in a row.

going mad

5. Misfits

misfits binge watching

This young group of offenders are doing community service when a storm hits and they suddenly have superpowers. Whether they actually act like superheroes might be up for debate.


This show is not for the faint of heart. Misfits is gritty, brash, and the rather hostile teenagers grouped together who are forced to payback their misdemeanors don’t necessarily all get along.

monkey slut


It’s hard to look away from their antics. These Misfits try incredibly hard to simply ignore their powers, but life has a way of shoving the reality of their ‘gifts’ right back in their face. They’re just trying to be normal.

Do I suck or Blow

Once you start this show, it’s hard to stop.

4. Community

community binge

This show. This show. At 22 minutes long, it’s all too easy to just play the next episode. This is the sort of show that anyone can enjoy.

Appealing to All Mankind

OK, don’t let that deter you. Community is set at a Greendale Community College in Colorado and centered around a study group who form in order to pass Spanish 101 with Senor Chang. The group is about as diverse as a study group can get, and the viewer just eats it up.

Abed's adorable

Community is so addicting because it’s the kind of school you wish you went to. Possibly, it’s school as you remember it, or maybe it’s even school as it actually was for you. I most certainly wish my school shut down for a Pillow Town and Fort Blanket record-setter…

pillow fight

…or that the last person standing in a school-wide paintball fight got priority registration.

community paintball

Whatever initially draws you to Community, you’ll undoubtedly be hooked. Binge watching gold, people. Binge watching gold.

3. Parks and Recreation

parks and rec binge

IF you’ve made it through the first season of Parks and Recreation, good on you! The bad news is, you’ve made it through the first season.


Admittedly, the show gets off to a dry start, but fans agree that this show is nerdculture at its finest. Every single person in this show brings something to the stage that few others can. It embraces the geek in everyone without polarizing it. Everyone is a little nerdy, and that’s ok.

because we're smart

This show embraces everyone. It embraces even those who don’t embrace others.


And Parks and Rec is chock full of useful information and statistics that everyone can appreciate.


2. The Office

the office binge

Words cannot describe how spot-on this show is. It’s start came from England, and America was able to take it and turn it to all new accurate office standards.

critical thinking

If you don’t work in an office, this might look like a lot of fun. If you do work in an office, you know they aren’t lying.


The Office is hilarious in the driest sense. As the show ran for 9 seasons, clearly it had a charm. All the elements were there: the office romance, that guy no one likes, and the boss who everyone is trying to figure out how he got in charge.


Maybe it hits too close to home, but honestly, it’s just nice to finally sit back and laugh at it all. Besides, The Office also provided a lot of really great life lessons and public service announcements that benefited everyone.


1. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

When a show has been around for 50 years, you start to suspect it probably has a certain something to it that’s kept it around that long. Enter Doctor Who. There was a gap for a while when it went off air, but most don’t count that because during the time, books were still being released and recorded under the voice of the 8th Doctor. This in-between time has actually made it possible to deviate between ‘Classic Doctor Who’ which are the Doctors 1-8, and then ‘Doctor Who’ which are Doctors 9-present. While the current Doctor Who definitely tips it’s hat to the Classic episodes, thousands upon thousands of people have been able to pick up from the 9th Doctor in 2005 without much preamble. You really don’t need to start from 1963.


Doctor Who is undoubtedly the best show to binge on. Beginning with Christopher Eccelston and Billie Piper until the current duo of Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman, it’s a whirlwind of exciting adventure and a whole lot of running.

in the right order

There’s a lot of Doctor hype out there right now, and if you haven’t caught it, you’re actually missing out. Much like watching the original Star Trek episodes, you actually have no idea how saturated our culture is with this stuff until you see the original source. Blessedly, Doctor Who is completely modern, so the acting, cinematography, and storyline are up to current standards, and it can be very intense. Plus, it’s cool to see just the advancement of how sci-fi shows have been shot beginning in 2005 (which might be slightly cringe-worthy for the first few minutes until you’re sucked in by the first quarter hour of the pilot) and what the standard is now (the special effects are award-winning worthy–a lot can be done with a proper budget).


Doctor Who is number one for a reason, and you’ll see why we all love the Doctor.

Doctor and Rose

So go ahead and make that bowl of game day dip you found a recipe for on Pinterest and join us for a binge day you won’t regret!


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