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Black Widow

A Black Widow Movie? Scarlett Johansson’s Onboard

After years of dreaming, fans of the Black Widow are just a little closer to a solo film for Natasha Romanoff.

In February, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Digital Spy that Johansson’s character would be further developed in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. The president then added that a standalone movie may also be in the works. Johansson lended her support to the  idea at the Captain America 2 premier in the UK, March 20. The actress told reporters, “If you want to see a Black Widow spin-off movie, then I want to see it.”

Fans and critics alike are raving about Johansson’s role in CA2, some even going so far as to confirm that the actress brings Black Widow alive in a way which practically necessitates some sort of stand-alone.

“Johansson…crackles once again, her Widow continuing to more than hold her own against her superpowered counterpart. An equal to Captain America himself in terms of her importance to the mission (and almost in screentime), she delivers another killer turn that even a drab wig fails to dampen. A spin-off movie is starting look more essential than inevitable. Scar-Jo’s been on an astonishing and varied run of form recently (Don JonHerUnder The Skin) and it’s to her credit that Romanoff feels like another string on her bow rather than a blemish on her CV.” – Matt Maytum for Total Film

Black Widow Granted, most of us would love just about any sort of solo film about Natasha Romanoff, whether that’s an origin story or simply a random assignment occuring since her introduction to the franchise which could include a cameo from one avenger or another.   That being said, it should be mentioned there’s practically a tumblr campaign to see Marvel produce a movie about all those Budapest references and the Red in Widow’s ledger.

Black Widow
There’s practically a tumblr campaign, and plenty of fan posters, to see Marvel produce a “Budapest” movie.

A Budapest film though, inevitably, couldn’t be a Black Widow solo flick, as she would have to share screentime with Hawkeye. From a certain perspective, a Hawkeye/Black Widow storyline could work as they’re both the only other Avengers who, as of now, lack standalone features. However, of all the films released by Marvel Studios since its inception in 1993, only one has featured a female lead (Elektra, 2005). Perhaps it’s time for another female centric film, Marvel…

Blanchett 1 Blanchett 2

As for Johansson, she assured reporters at the premier that they would submit a request for the film to Marvel the following morning.  We’ll next see the Black Widow in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, due out May 1, 2015. Captain America 3, which will again be helmed by the Russo brothers who directed CA2,  has been confirmed for 2016 release.

What do you think? Would you go see a Black Widow feature?

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