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Black Widow

Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?

Are we finally getting our very own Black Widow movie? Could it possibly be?!

black widow

We really, really hope so!

ScreenCrush and Entertainment Weekly have both quoted Marvel’s chief Kevin Feige when he said:

“We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film. The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.”

The words “notion of exploring” and “we have some development” aren’t a concrete declaration, but as ScarJo has been able to successfully stay in the films and those movies continue to gross higher, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think Marvel would want to capitalize on their starlet who can fill theater seats.

Just like Budapest

You and I remember Budapest very differently

Scarlett Johansson brought us an enjoyable yet what felt like an incredibly short introduction to the Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Fans were happy to see her back in The Avengers where we felt she was able to shine a little better on her own terms (see clip below). It’s public knowledge we’ll be seeing her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where she’s actually holding supporting actress status now, but we really want more. Johansson (and the writers) have created an intriguing, interesting, and sexy character, and frankly, we want to see more. What little we saw of her and Hawkeye’s video files of their past raised plenty of eyebrows. Of course we could Google that or research at our local comic book store, but that would still deprave us of Jeremy Renner, and frankly, we like the guy. Sort of like the Black Widow in Iron Man 2, Hawkeye wasn’t really given a fair chance in The Avengers. A biased opinion, perhaps, but it still feels like they’re not being given enough rope.

I'm being repressed!

Scarlett Johansson has shown us on several occasions what she can do with the Black Widow and while female superhero movies tend to scare off people (as, perhaps, they rightfully should), when the script is in the proper hands, women can hold their own quite well. This world can always use female superheroes for young women to aspire to become.

For some Black Widow badassery, please direct your attention to the video below.

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