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Game of Thrones

Brace Yourselves, This Season Premier Is Going To Be Epic

Recap: Game of Thrones. Season 4. April 6, 9pm/8c.

Has everyone checked out the Game of Thrones trailer for season 4 yet? Everyone properly enthusiastic about the season premier? Good.

Any fan of the books has an idea of what’s coming this season, though inevitably, the screen adaptation always switches things up a hair (or two).  Some changes to expect this season include new casting for Tommen, Joffrey’s younger brother — presumably they needed a slightly older actor, no big deal. More interesting, the actor playing Daario Naharis, previously played by Ed Skrein, has been replaced by Michiel Huisman.

Skrein’s interpretation of the seductive Tyroshi captain was good, no question, but not every fan was convinced. As always with cast  replacements, the question stands as to how HBO will (or won’t) address this obvious change. My personal question? The canonical blue hair — that’s gotta happen this time around, right?

So let’s review some of the other exciting scenes featured in the trailer:

  1. Arya being a badass (expected, but no less delightful).
  2. Daenerys being a badass and conquering cities (again, expected but no less delightful). 
  3. Tyrion in chains (looks like that contentious relationship with Joffrey might catch up with him).
  4. Jaime gets a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost by being snarky last season. (Spoiler alert: in typical Lannister fashion, said prosthesis is gilded in gold. Surprise, surprise.)
  5. The Wedding of Joffrey Lannister and Margery Tyrell. Personally, I can’t wait for that.
  6. Jon is fighting against his Ladylove and the other Wildlings at the Wall.
  7. We get to meet the Dornish. (“The Lannister’s aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.”)
  8. Bran Goes North of the Wall. Which is a more than a little freaky, I mean, when this show started he was this adorable baby boy and now he’s north of the Wall with Hodor and two teenagers, up against a bunch of White Walkers and who knows what else!

Of course, there’s loads more to be looking for: the script for this season was over 600 pages! But those are some highlights. All I can say is: April 6th can’t come fast enough!

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