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BBC Hit Series “Broadchurch” Gets a New Face For American Audiences…Kind of.

Broadchurch Remake

Fox Broadcasting Network recently announced that they would be airing a remake of the BBC Crime Drama “Broadchurch.” The new drama will have a new name, a new ending…but one familiar face is making the transition across The Pond.

Despite a confirmed second series for “Broadchurch” by the BBC, star of the show David Tennant has also signed on to star in the Fox remake, “Gracepoint.” While american remakes of BBC dramas are frequent (“The Office,” “Being Human”, and “House of Cards” top the list) to remake an ongoing series starring the same actor? “There’s no precedent for this,” admitted Tennant in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Broadchurch Remake
Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, “Gracepoint” will star David Tennant (left) opposite Anna Gunn (right)

The series garnered top ratings in the UK, pulling in an astonishing 10+ million views for the season finale in its first series. The Fox remake will have a similar starting point, the synopsis being remarkably similar:

“Set in an American town, Broadchurch [Gracepoint] will follow the tragic and mysterious death of a young boy found dead on a beach surrounded by rocks and a jutting cliff-face, from where he may have fallen. Although the cause of his death remains unsolved, the seaside town where the tragedy occurred is at the heart of a major police investigation and a nationwide media frenzy.”

Even the series creator, Chris Chibnall, will write the pilot and executive produce the American show. However, fans have been assured that the location isn’t the only thing changing for “Gracepoint.” Fox has been open about the fact that the ending will not be the same in the U.S. “whodunit” and even Tennant is in the dark about how the show will end. “I’m told there will be a change, whether that’s a fundamental change or a tweak I have no idea…I think the story will go in directions that fans wouldn’t necessarily recognize.”

Broadchurch Remake
The original BBC series also featured Doctor Who alumni, Arthur Darvill. Too bad he’s not making a comeback, am I right?

Check out the full interview with Tennant over on EW.com!

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