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Captain America Superman

It’s Gonna Be A Bro-Down: Captain America 3 Set To Premier Same Day As Superman vs. Batman

Everyone move to the back alley, it’s gonna get real: Marvel announces after a wildly successful weekend that the Cap will be returning to theaters in his third solo movie on May 6th, 2016, same date Superman vs. Batman is due to hit theaters.

Captain America Superman

Which side will you take?

It’s a tough call. Chris Evans’ performance over the weekend has been hailed as Marvel’s best movie yet–and we agree–so we’re pretty much clamoring for his dance card. But Henry Cavill’s performance in Man of Steel was pretty hypnotizing. This writer has been a fan of that British hunk since his Showtime days on The Tudors, so that kind of history is hard to disregard.

Ben Affleck has only had my meager respect since Argo. Affleck, Pearl Harbor was bad, and you should feel bad.

Sherlock Awkward

Superman vs. Batman, which, does that have an official title? Is that the official title? See, right there, that gives us enough supporting evidence that Captain America might get box office weekend money. Anyways, whatever the sequel to Man of Steel is going to be called, the cast is still being announced, and while we are not upset in the very least, the ending of The Winter Soldier already has me dreaming about what’s to expect out of the very final post credit scene.

OK, in reality, this bro-down is all a joke. Let’s be real: Ben Affleck included or not, Henry Cavill and Chris Evans are two of the hottest actors, playing the most beloved superheroes from two, equally fantastic comic book companies. Weekends are made to watch two movies.

So which movie will you be seeing Friday, which will you watch Saturday?

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