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Catching Fire

This Character Development Gave Me Chills

Catching Fire

No question, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson brought their A-Game to film Catching Fire

I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have seen Catching Fire already and it’s also a pretty safe to say that the adaptation exceeded every expectation from fans of the book (I know I was impressed)! Now, I realize not everyone is an “Everlark” fan but let’s take a moment to bask in the impressive acting of the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence and the wonderful Josh Hutcherson. These moments of character development in the movie felt so spot on with the canon relationship of Peeta and Katniss, I legitimately swooned.

So movie opens and we go from this:
Catching FireCatching Fire

to this:

then this:

and let’s not forget this:

There’s the quiet moment together before the games:

And then we have the ultimate freakout from Katniss during the games, can I just point out how amazing JLaw’s acting was in this scene? She was actually shaking! And you get this intimacy…so many feels.
Catching Fire
Catching Fire

Allegedly, Hutcherson said the hardest scene to film, for him, was this one.

So then it all kind of culminates in this moment on the beach:

And finally, the heartwrenching moment when Katniss realizes that the Capitol has Peeta.

For anyone who wasn’t overwhelmed with feels…


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