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The 8 TV and Movie Brothers You Wish You Had

Everyone has those sets of brothers they wish they had and this list brings everyone together in one place Oh, Chris Farley, you’ll always be our favorite brother. At some point, we all wish we had a different family. Maybe something a little less ordinary… The Angry Beavers Biiiiiig Hug! Sure, they’re cartoons, but everyone from the 90’s are familiar with these two lovable rodents. Norbert and Daggett were groovy bachelor brothers who were always getting into trouble, staying up too late, and somehow singing…

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marvel guardians

Marvel Could Ramp Up Their Production Any Day Now

The plot for the comic book movies seems to be unveiling faster than Marvel can keep up. This is all speculation, of course. When movies want to keep a tight lid on things, they can. For instance, we’re not even going to get a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy at the Super Bowl. However, it’s possible that fans might start to figure out what’s going on if they do. After all, we don’t even get The Avengers: Age of Ultron until 2015, so if…

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Chris and Tom

Why Chris and Tom Are The Best On Screen Brothers

Thor 2 was released in late 2013 and audiences got exactly what they wanted: more Brotherly Love from Thor and Loki. Thor and Loki are arguably the best brother duo cinema has seen in ages, if not ever. Never before have two actors stolen the show based on familial relations more so than these two. Thor was somewhat of a ‘What did I just watch?’ movie, with no real point other than introducing the characters prior to Avengers. The only redeeming quality the movie offered…

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Arrested Development

5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For More ‘Arrested Development’

The creators and actors love this show as much as the fans, and it looks like we can expect more Bluths in the future with Season 5 and the Arrested Development movie. Season 4 wasn’t exactly what we fans were expecting and now the creators realize that, so going forward it looks like we can expect more of what we miss. In order to jog some memories, here are 5 reasons we can’t wait for Arrested Development to get back on track. 1. We can’t…

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6 Characters That Make Us Feel Better About Our Lives

Regardless about how bad we may feel about our selves, we can at least be happy we aren’t these people. It’s winter, it’s post holidays, the weather is yucky, the parties are slowing to a crawl, and overall, we just start to get a little depressed. Well cheer up! Here’s a list of characters that can make you thankful that, regardless of how miserable you may feel, at least you’re not them: Eeyore Charlie Brown Marvin Ted Buckland Stuart From The Comic Book Store Rajesh…

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How Did This Go Unnoticed?! Gru as Guest on Ellen

Gru shakes things up on Ellen and dominates the crowd Gru certainly does have a charismatic personality about him that makes him a quirky super-villain. Check out those evil moves he pulls! He knows how to make a crowd put their hands in the air and scream. Steve Carell pulled out all the stops on Ellen as he showed up in full character as Gru from his hit movies, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. *Gif sets from muver54.tumblr and moviesblog.mtv.com.

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Catching Fire

This Character Development Gave Me Chills

No question, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson brought their A-Game to film Catching Fire I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have seen Catching Fire already and it’s also a pretty safe to say that the adaptation exceeded every expectation from fans of the book (I know I was impressed)! Now, I realize not everyone is an “Everlark” fan but let’s take a moment to bask in the impressive acting of the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence and the wonderful Josh Hutcherson. These moments…

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