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Chris and Tom

Why Chris and Tom Are The Best On Screen Brothers

Chris and Tom

Thor 2 was released in late 2013 and audiences got exactly what they wanted: more Brotherly Love from Thor and Loki.

Thor 2

We hate each other

Tom's magnificent


It was so embarrassing

chris and Tom

Chris hemsworth and tom hiddlestonThor and Loki are arguably the best brother duo cinema has seen in ages, if not ever. Never before have two actors stolen the show based on familial relations more so than these two. Thor was somewhat of a ‘What did I just watch?’ movie, with no real point other than introducing the characters prior to Avengers. The only redeeming quality the movie offered was the relationship between Thor and Loki–two brothers who couldn’t be more different and still couldn’t love the other more. In the beginning of the film, Loki’s admiration for his cocky older brother is anything if not genuine. It is the chain of events that twist Loki’s mind, and he becomes the villain more out of confused emotions rather than actually being evil. In The Avengers Loki and Thor return, and while Loki is clearly the bad guy, Thor can’t hate him completely because he knows his brother has been misguided. Loki’s under the pressure of their father, has been lied to his entire life, thinks he’s a monster, and lives in the shadow of Thor. That’s a lot for this cosmic prince to handle all at once and Thor gets it. It’s even possible to say that Thor’s compassion for his brother helps flame the audience’s love for Loki. Thor 2 reveals the older brother’s understanding even more when the two team up to revenge their mother’s death. There’s a lot of responsibility on Thor as Odin’s heir to act and dispense judgement, but underneath that political ruse, he understands Loki, and it shows. Audiences were treated with the brothers actually acting like brothers, complete with all their bickering, fighting, and teasing; but under all that was the unquestionable love they had for each other and their mother.

and cut! that's awesome

There are countless movies with brother teams, so what makes Thor and Loki so much more memorable?


Without a doubt: character development. Marvel has truly stepped up their writing game, and their characters actually show personal growth, tragic flaws, and wit. They respond to situations around them in a surprisingly human manner, regardless of how extravagant those situations may be. So, certainly, the actual characters themselves offer something to love.

thor and loki


A second reason that stands a legitimate claim is the actual on- and off-screen chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth. The English actor and Australian actor have each been around for several years, but none of their other works stand out quite like this. The two men genuinely seem to enjoy each the other, their acting compliments the other’s, and honestly, they both just look really good together.

I heard that

Chris and Tom do look about as opposite as Thor and Loki, and that contrast is something all individuals face in the real world. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others who are so drastically different from us with no chance of ever looking that way or having that personality. The fact that two people who are as different as Chris and Tom and can actually be friends is nothing but gratifying and relieving. We might be stuck with the way we look and the way we act, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t love us for who we are. It reworks the stereotype that birds of a feather don’t necessarily flock together, and Chris and Tom definitely flock together. Look at the fun these guys have when they get together! How do you not get behind that? You gotta love this friendship.

chris and tom

chris and tom brothers

brotherly hug


Chris and Tom

modern poseRegardless of what comes, it seems safe to say that as long as Chris and Tom keep showing up as Thor and Loki, the audiences will show up as well.

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