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Doctor Who Series 8 Companion

Um, Yes Please? Can We Make This Happen?

Doctor Who Series 8 CompanionClara doesn’t have to go anywhere, but it’s nice having an extra companion or two around. Cultbox offers up 5 suggestions for an additional leading man for a Doctor Who Series 8 Companion

Doctor Who Series 8 Companion

Today the UK website Cultbox posted ‘5 Actors We’d Like to Play A New Male Companion In Doctor Who.’ The list is pretty excellent.

May Larkable cast a vote? We’d love to see Colin Morgan, who recently won Best Drama Performance at the NTA awards, return to the fandom. 5 Series of Merlin wasn’t enough; and it all ended so suddenly we’re still suffering whiplash. He does play Jimmy Minor on Quirke, but honestly, it’d be good to get him back into fantasy/sci-fi. His acting is incredibly theatrical (which would explain why he’s been in the theater so much lately) and all that raw energy seems wasted on reality. We want you back, Colin; come back to us as a Doctor Who Series 8 companion!

ColinThanks to The Doctor Who Hub for sharing the article earlier!

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