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This Definition Will Make You Proud to be a “Nerd”

VlogBrothers Hank and John Green (author of The Fault in our Stars) have truly tapped into something with their “NerdFighter” movement.

In case you haven’t heard of it, these amazing guys are creating a sense of solidarity amongst “nerds” everywhere and from that fellowships, nerdfighters discover a new found confidence. Personally? This writer considers the movement one of the greatest anti-bullying campaigns ever. Where bullies feed off of making kids feel ashamed of their passions and interests, and alone in that shame — the Green brothers are promoting this idea that, “Hey, you are not weird or alone. We think you’re pretty cool, and so do all these other people.”

Nerds, as told by John Green.


NerdFighters can find themselves at home in the twice weekly vlogs uploaded by John and Hank, the MentalFloss videos and the merchandise website, aptly titled DFTBA.com, an initialism for “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” run partly by John and Hank.

Are you a NerdFighter? You tell us.

Of course, John and Hank are both up to really amazing stuff outside of the Nerdfighter Community, so you know, maybe check out both of them and their own individual projects and social media platforms.

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