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The 12th doctor

The Doctor is Back To A Dark Beginning

Filming for the newest series of Doctor Who has begun in Cardiff, and without disappointment, it should be as spine chilling as ever.

Jack the ripperNot that fans are going to be upset by this or anything. The most iconic–if not best loved–episodes of Doctor Who are the ones that make us jump: The Empty Child, Blink, and The Impossible Astronaut.

Watching Doctor Who
A real fan would have spelled out ‘Doctor’

Daily Mail just released new photos (a few on this post) of the recent filming in Wales and it’s looking like a promising start to a new season. Fans can expect a season premier with Jack the Ripper, Clara and the Doctor in 1888 Whitechapel. We even got a glimpse of the new doctor in action:

The 12th doctorDaily Mail gives plenty of tantalizing teaser photos, but not a lot of info. Mostly it’s just Collin Baker talking about how he’d like to see a female doctor. It’s not that we’re against a female doctor, it’s just we’re still waiting for James Nesbitt’s go at the role.

James Nesbitt

If you haven’t seen the mini-series Jekyll, you’re doing yourself an injustice. Then feel free to start a petition for him to follow Capaldi. 😉

For the anxious fan, go check out the images and even a little video of Peter Capaldi riding a horse at DailyMail.co.uk, and get ready for a killer season of Doctor Who. Boom.

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