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20 Years Later and You’re Finally Excited About Power Rangers Again

Go, go, pow-er rang-ers!

That’s right readers, yesterday Lionsgate announced they’ll be rebooting our beloved 1993 classic kids TV show, Power Rangers.


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This writer is actually positively optimistic, no sarcasm intended! As a child, I was totally into the Power Rangers. In fact, subconsciously, it might be the very reason my favorite color is yellow and not pink. Honestly, it can only be better: that huge fighting machine that everyone’s mode of transportation assembled into will definitely be loads better with modern CGI. It’s basically a Transformer, and we do have 4 Transformers movies now. On the subject, it’s probably safe to say that Power Rangers has more of a gender neutral following than Transformers, so, yeah, optimistic, definitely!

This is a real villain. Image credit amyjo.com
This is a real villain. Image credit amyjo.com

Lionsgate, the studio behind Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, and Tyler Perry’s Madea movies, will be teaming up with Power Rangers property owner, Saban, to bring us an (assumingly) high budget remake of this “hyperactive, high-kicking troupe of crusaders.”

power rangers fighting

For more on this, watch this video of these over optimistic fans:

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