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Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Excuse Us While We Fangirl…The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is Back! (Briefly)

A little over a year ago wrapped one of the most impressive youtube series we’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing…and they’ve just released an update!


The incredible youtube series, co-produced by Bernie Su and Hank Green (of Vlogbrothers fame), launched back in March of 2012 as a modern retelling of the Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice. Starring the amazingly talented Ashley Clements as Lizzie Bennet, a 24 year old mass communications grad student vlogging her way to her thesis, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was a masterful, colorful and thoroughly modern reimagining of the 19th century novel. There’s scandal, drama, personal growth and character development — this was one of the first retellings in which this writer actually sympathized with Lizzie’s youngest sister.  Lydia Bennet has never been a particularly lovable character : always brash, uncouth, and wild. Bernie Su and Hank Green, however, chose a new perspective for Lydia in their adaptation. Brought to life by the brilliant Mary Kate Wiles, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (LBD) allowed Lydia to grow and change and learn in ways that Jane Austen never did.

Ricky and Lydia
Mary Kate Wiles (as Lydia Bennet) and Maxwell Glick (as Ricky Collins)

Even Mr. Collins, another classically obnoxious character, became a far more likable in The LBD. Though still long-winded, pompous and ridiculous, LBD Ricky Collins is well-intentioned and kind-hearted and provides yet another opportunity for Lizzie to reevaluate her tendency to criticize and misjudge what she doesn’t understand.

Lizzie Bennet DiariesThe main cast is rounded out by Lizzie’s sister Jane Bennet (no name change necessary), played by Laura Spencer, and Lizzie’s lifelong bestie — the Sassy Charlotte Lu (originally Charlotte Lucas), played by Julia Cho. This might leave you wondering about the novel’s hero — the illustrious Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (just William Darcy, in this adaptation). Here’s where the show really excels — Daniel Vincent Gordh (who is a phenomenal Hipster Darcy) only appears in 10 of the 100 episodes which make-up the series. Over the course of the videos, viewers are introduced to extraneous characters via Costume Theatre, played out (typically) by Lizzie, Charlotte and her sisters. For example, the dramatics of Mrs. Bennet are played out by Lizzie in an enormous sunhat and shawl with an over-the-top southern drawl.  Your first introduction to Mr. Darcy? Lizzie dons a newsie cap and red bow-tie.

Clements and Cho as Mr and Mrs Bennet
Left to Right: Ashley Clements as Lizzie Bennet playing Mrs. Bennet with Julia Cho as Charlotte Lu playing Mr. Bennet in Costume Theater

So, is news of this youtube series new to you? Our advice would be to fix that now.

As for the rest of you, fangirling over the unexpected bonus video released yesterday? We’re right there with you.

Bonus Video

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