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Sherlock Outreach

Fifty Shades of Johnlock

A fanmade video for Fifty Shades of Johnlock has us more excited about old Sherlock than new Fifty Shades of Grey

This writer personally sticks pretty strictly to cannon. However, this may be the best, most tasteful, most heartbreaking/heartswelling Sherlock fanmade video to come since Wholock, and I might have watched that video…more times than I’m proud to admit, even as a whovian/sherlockian. Even if we don’t have a hard-on for Johnlock, we love this, we think you’ll love this, and it is most certainly worth the 2 minute watch!

Don’t get us wrong, even if we don’t swim in the deep waters of fanfic culture–more like chilling out in the wade pool so we don’t get our hair wet sort of thing–the relationship between Sherlock and Watson is something special. We kind of feel bad for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman when things go maybe a little too far in the fandom, as we do for other actors when their characters lives are so ultimately recreated, but there actually is something there in Sherlock that’s not strictly black-and-white roommates. There’s definitely a Grey area. Go back and watch it. All of them. Go on… *wicked grin*

Dont' be Shy

To read more about this Johnlock video, visit Radiotimes The Fifty Shades of Sherlock trailer has happened article where we first saw this awesome piece of work!

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