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New Girl

Fox Renews “New Girl”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and more!

A month after announcing renewal for a tenth season of Bones, FOX has confirmed a fourth season for New Girl.

The announcement comes as no surprise, given the show’s popularity. When even Prince wants to guest star on an episode, that seems like a pretty good indicator of success. New Girl captures perfectly that awkward in-between state of post-graduation but pre-steady/solid career. New Girl manages to navigate the banal sitcom stereotypes to create a quality show with relatable character development, all in a weekly 30 minute time slot. If that pure balance of writing and acting didn’t merit a fourth season, this writer might have been tempted to give up on television altogether.

In addition to the New Girl renewal, FOX announced a second season for Andy Samberg’s Golden Globe Winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as a third season for Mindy Kaling’s brainchild The Mindy Project.


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