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My Friend Was Telling Me About a Show He Found

This holiday season you surround yourself with those you love (or thought you did) and realize things about people that make or break your relationships.

I’ve been a Whovian for years. When you’re a Whovian, you can’t help but share you’re fanaticism. I try to do so tastefully and like to think I’ve succeeded in that.

The other day my friend called and was like, “Oh, by the way, I know you’re really into sci-fi and stuff, so I thought I’d tell you I started watching a show the other day and by the time the credits came on I realized what it was. But I was kind of interested in it by that point so I ended up watching the entire episode. I gotta say, it wasn’t terrible. It was actually really fascinating. I didn’t realize it was about time travel too, and the logic they use in it is entertaining even if it’s not accurate. I could really see myself enjoying it! Probably not to the extent you do, but I think I’d like it.”

And I’m here, not even having heard the name of the show, and was all:

Come with Me

A few days later I was sitting with my new brother-in-law who said he saw the Doctor Who episode with the angels and he didn’t like it.

At first I was all:

You were my brother

Once the shock was over, I realized we could never really be a family again. Our relationship has been rocky ever since.

I'll kill you

And that was my Christmas.

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