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Elsa I'll rise above the Break of dawn

‘Frozen’ Deleted Scene Would Have Made For A Different View Point

A deleted scene from Disney’s animated motion picture Frozen has been released, and it would have completely changed the movie as we saw it.

While directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck explain why the scene was cut, it could have (maybe should have) been left in. The scene demonstrated Anna’s quirky personality as intended, but it also gives the viewer a taste of what the sisters’ relationship was like: existing, but not strong.

In the movie, Anna follows Elsa to the mountain after the outburst in the ballroom, confident that she can talk to Elsa and straighten the whole eternal winter-thing out. As a viewer, I was skeptical. There really wasn’t any reason for Elsa to listen to Anna. The way their relationship was portrayed through the adolescence montage made it look as if they were permanently separated from each other, and therefore practically strangers in their young adult years. Most of Elsa’s growing up scenes were in her room with her parents; it was on the second viewing I realized it was Elsa standing at the bottom of the stairs in the grand entrance and asked if her parents had to go on their trip, which was the only indication she even ever left her room. Since the growing-up sequence ended with the two girls on opposite sides of Elsa’s bedroom door, it gave the impression the sisters didn’t speak to each other for the next 3 years. That would have been fine, but it didn’t explain Anna’s assurance that Elsa would listen to her on the mountain.

Elsa I'll rise above the Break of dawn

The deleted scene would have given a little insight to the fact that they weren’t 100% strangers, but that their relationship did lack the intimacy familial relations usually have. The two girls did have each other and were “friendly,” but they weren’t close. Their interaction in the ballroom gave enough evidence of that. The ballroom scene didn’t give enough of an indication that they were at least on speaking terms prior to the ceremony, which apparently they were. Had this deleted scene been included, it would have explained just a little bit better Anna’s persistence in her argument with Elsa, her confidence that Elsa would listen to her on the mountain, and it might have actually made me cry at the very end. That a sister would sacrifice herself just for the idea of her sister wasn’t something I could connect with, but the idea of a sister sacrificing herself for a sister she had an existing-yet-strained relationship with would have probably made me lose it. Like, hand-slapped-over-my-mouth, silent-sobbing, tears-streaking-my-cheeks, curled-up-in-my-seat lose it. Probably. (I have a one and only younger sister.)

This deleted scene adds an entirely new perspective to the film. It makes me think back on the story and evaluate all of Anna and Elsa’s interactions again. Looks like I’ll just have to watch Frozen a third time to get the full effect! For now, I’ll just keep the soundtrack on repeat.

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What are your thoughts? How did you interpret Elsa and Anna’s relationship?

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