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Mathew Baynton

Get Ready For The Next Big British TV Hit…

Yonderland has the makings of being the next biggest show out of the UK. What could be the love child between Monty Python and Labyrinth, Yonderland looks promising for everyone:

The video clip goes first because you need to see this to believe it. Bleeding Cool describes it as Monty Python does Labyrinth. We’re also definitely pickup up some Shrek influence with the fairyland feel and a touch of Family Guy spontaneity, only completely appropriate for the entire family. They clearly don’t take themselves too seriously; part of their main cast is made up of puppets.

Rich Johnson writes that Yonderland is “A fantasy series about Debbie, a mother of a normal English house who finds herself summoned as the Chosen One to sort out a fantasy land being threatened by evil. Fitting into the Gulliver’s Travels mode of allegory, she does so with the assistance of the elf with a rather long and convoluted name who Debbie just calls “Elf” to the retort “Bit racist.” Together with a sentient walking stick called Nick, a council of elders with one who insists on removing his clothes at any opportunity, they wandered the land trying to prevent a rather serious evil from taking it over – with all the characters coming together for the final Big Bad – and leaving us with a serious cliffhanger to match.”

The writers at Larkable (who live in the States) jumped on the Doctor Who wagon in early 2010, the Sherlock train in early 2012, and while we didn’t have the site then, we have it now, and we really want to tell everyone about Yonderland. If the YouTube teaser has even a smidgen of the humor this show will offer, Tumblr is going to blow up with some fantastic gifs! There are already a few such as this one:






It’s looks absolutely fantastic and will definitely be a hit amongst the Anglophile Americans. For more information on Yonderland you can read about them in this Den of Geek interview with Yonderland creators Mat Baynton and Jim Howick. The first series of Yonderland will be available on Amazon.co.uk on DVD February 17th, and hopefully will be available State-side soon! We’ll keep you up to date.

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