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Krysta Rodriguez

The “How I Met Your Dad” Cast Continues to Grow…

Ready for “How I Met Your Dad”? Meet Krysta Rodriguez, the Mother’s BFF and Partner-in-Crime.

How I Met Your Dad

CBS has been frustratingly slow to release any information about the “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff, “How I Met Your Dad.” A month ago we found out the spinoff was confirmed, a few weeks later we learned that Greta Gerwig had been cast as lead. Drew Tarver was recently announced to play the role of Gerwig’s easy and fun-loving brother-in-law, Todd. And now we have one more face to add to the new crew. Deadline announced today that Rodriguez will play Gerwig’s wild and exhuberant best friend, Juliet who runs a high profile fashion blog. In the midst of Sally’s quarter-life crises and split from husband of one year, Juliet will be the one to thrust Sally back into the party scene and ensure she’s back on the market. Place your bets if you’d like, chances are good Juliet will be the most “Barney Stinson-esque” of the quintet.

Krysta Rodriguez
Greta Gerwig (left) and Drew Tarver (right) make up the rest of the cast so far. We’re still waiting to find out who will play Danny and Frank.

So who’s left to be announced in the new spinoff? Sally’s overbearing but lovable brother (and Todd’s husband), Danny and Frank, an IT guy who works for Juliet’s blog and is head-over-heels infatuated with the party girl. So far, the cast has been relatively famous — Gerwig starred in a recent cinematic hit “Francis Ha” while fans of “Smash” will recognize Rodriguez right away. So far Tarver has been the most obscure of anyone, we’re still waiting to see if creators Craig Thomas, Carter Bays and Emily Spivey can nab the next Neil Patrick Harris (we realize fully: that might be difficult).

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