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Jeremy Piven, Misusing “Cumberb*tch” Since 2014

Some rather poor planning and a forgetful announcer at a recent panel discussion means Benedict Cumberbatch shone while Jeremy Piven got the shaft.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week (3/19), Jeremy Piven (of Entourage fame) related a recent experience at a Critics Q&A event where he was promoting his BBC show Mr. Selfridge,

They said, “we’re gonna share the Q&A with Sherlock,” so I said, that’s fantastic, I love it! I go and do some interviews and then they guide me to the stage, in the dark — I’m standing there and the lights come on. They go, “Okay everyone, please give your questions to Sherlock and they forgot to mention Mr. Selfridge. So I’m sitting there, alone on the stage while hundreds of people make their way to Benedict Cumberbitch!

Alright, Piven. We feel for you. That  sounds like a pretty embarrassing incident — but let’s get one thing straight: you can’t jokingly call Cumberbatch a “Cumberbitch.” Everyone knows, that’s the self-claimed name of the actor’s fan base. Though the actor himself would rather they use the term “Cumbercollective” … but that’s neither here nor there.


Even so, the poor guy. What’s worse, the one question Piven did receive was entirely unrelated to his BBC series! You can catch the full interview here.  Meanwhile, after using some censored expletives in regards to Cumberbatch, Piven did conclude by praising Sherlock as well as its star, saying that “he’s a brilliant actor and a true gentleman”.

Tell us something we don’t know, Piven.

Mr. Selfridge, season 2, hits Masterpiece Theater on PBS on Sunday, March 30 at 9pm/8C. ITV recently renewed the show for a third series.

Mr. Selfridge


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