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Your Joy Will Turn To Ashes In Your Mouth And You’ll Know The Debt Is Paid

Sooner or later, Cersei always gets what she wants.

These are some intense times. Arya Stark is still out there, Daenerys gains power with every land she liberates, and Jamie seems to be in love with Cersei regardless of that time with Brienne. Jeoffry still appears to be a prick, thinking he beat Stannis, and it looks like Bran has to end something. What power does Bran actually have that he must go to the North? Can he beat the White Walkers? I could read the book, but I’m sort of invested in the TV show.

This trailer gives us plenty more fresh peeks at the upcoming season that’s just a few weeks away! And might I say Iwan Rheon is looking quite good in this trailer? If you like what you see there, might I suggest Misfits? You have to wait until Season 2, but it’s worth it.

The song for this video is “Devil Inside” covered by London Grammar from the original song by INXS.

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