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Why July 8th Was A Good Day on Facebook

For those who tuned in early in the morning on Facebook, the day did not disappoint. We really could have used that on a Monday, but whatever, we’ll take it on Tuesday too.

Diagon Alley Officially Opened

Diagon Alley
(image source via link below)

Never before have I been to Universal Studios, but thanks to all my friends in Florida who got to preview the soft openings and articles like this pointing out Easter Eggs have made me add Orlando to my list of destinations.

Rita Skeeter published a fresh piece in the Daily Prophet on Pottermore

Rita Skeeter

Ok, we all know it’s JK Rowling, which makes it all the better! Shockingly, the best way to get Potterheads up in a frenzy is to throw out 1500 words about 33-year old Harry and Ginny Potter, Ron and Hermoine Weasley, and Neville and Hannah Longbottom, and the awesomeness formerly known as Luna Lovejoy. Why formerly? I suppose you’ll have to either log in to Pottermore to find out, or just read the Hypable excerpt and analysis here (the analysis is a little poor, but we’ll write it up to shock).

How does one follow that up? By posting a photo of Katiss Everdeen facepalming Hermoine Granger.

Jenn and Emma

What other words can there possibly be except perhaps “thanks Buzzfeed“.

Also in Emma Watson news, how proud are we as a fandom to hear Emma Watson is following in the steps of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol by joining the ranks of United Nations Women as a Goodwill Ambassador. Emma Watson is an incredible young woman who has positively effected the lives of girls everywhere as heroine Hermoine Granger, and if anyone can unite people, it’s this woman who already has through the power of Harry Potter. She has over 25 million fans on Facebook, so that’s definitely saying something.

Emma Watson UNwomen

Keeping it in England, Cultbox has some solid news from Mark Gratiss regarding Sherlock Series 4 and a Special!

john and Sherlock laughing

“For some reason, people seem to think the Sherlock special will be about 7 mins long.” Gratiss was quoted, “It’s episode 10, my dears. It’ll be 90!” Filming begins January 2015 and Christmas 2015 should be extra special, if you get my drift.

Keeping it kind of in England, kind of not, famous American Director Kevin James toured the Star Wars Episode VII set in England and cried tears of joy. Follow this link, play the video, skip to the 35 minute mark, and let it all sink in. I love Star Wars, I will always love Star Wars, and I will even watch Episodes I, II, and III just to get the whole effect. Kevin James account of the Star Wars set, for all he was allowed to say about it, made my heart clench up. I cannot freaking wait!

And last but not least, this popped up on my feed. You will be shocked at how true it is.

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