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The Kaiju Return: ‘Godzilla’ is Coming

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is back and this time he’s got bigger problems than getting nabbed by men

This May, Gareth Edwards unleashes his 350 foot monster on American audiences in the reboot of the 1954 classic, Godzilla. Not a lot has been leaked about this $160 Million dollar movie, but from what has been said, we can expect a more organic, natural, Man vs. Nature theme, similar to the original story. Visual Effects Director, Jim Rygiel, stated they studied “YouTube videos of bears fighting and Komodo dragons fighting…” so we can at least expect some elements of realism in this flick. And, judging by the trailer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, it might just be an emotional roller-coaster ride of a drama, addressing the reality of what if this actually did happen? How would it affect the world? How would we as humans react?
We’re ridiculously excited for this new installment. The cast looks great, the movie looks like it takes itself seriously, and because so little is known about what direction the movie is going in, the anticipation is tantalizing. We don’t think it’s following Pacific Rim too soon at all. The only thing that slightly concerns us is the sensitive issue of Kaiju that most people (previously Larkable included) are not aware of. JF Sargent wrote an incredible piece titled “How ‘Pacific Rim’ Got Kaiju Wrong” which opened our eyes with shock. Everyone should read it; it’s nothing short of brilliant. The article was intriguing enough to get this writer from being completely disinterested in the flick to morbidly curious (I’m glad, I ended up really enjoying the movie…for as bad as I feel about it). That being said, we hope that Edwards also checked out the article and doesn’t give the same middle finger Guillermo del Toro gave the Japanese film makers. Godzilla hits theaters May 16 2014.

*Update* 2/25/2014:  Little over a month after releasing the teaser trailer, audiences finally have a taste of what to expect in the full length trailer.

First off, major props to Bryan Cranston: that guy brings everything he’s got to every role he gets. That emotion was stunning.

“You’re lying. It wasn’t an earthquake. It wasn’t a typhoon. Because what’s really happening is that you’re hiding something out there and it is going to send us back to the stone age! God help us all.”

Anyone else get chills?

As for our concerns about the metaphor of the Kaiju and Weapons of Massive Destruction? Is remains to be seen whether or not Gareth Edwards took it into account for the mythos of this story. There are scenes in the trailer which imply that the nuclear tests carried out in the Pacific post WW-II were not really tests at all, rather an attempt to eliminate the creature. However, if Kaiju were always meant to be representative of the United States’ nuclear supremacy , well…that doesn’t really work, does it? Regardless, those of us at Larkable are pretty stoked for Edwards’ epic to hit theaters in May.

What did you all think of the full length trailer?

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