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Karen Gillan Defends Steven Moffat

Actress Karen Gillan, best known among the fandom as Amy Pond, comes to the side of Doctor Who show-writer Steven Moffat.

karen gillan

Writer and Producer Steven Moffat has been criticized for his portrayal of female characters, but when put to the question at a science expo panel, Karen Gillan stated she didn’t see it.

“I just don’t understand that because I feel like [with Amy] I had a very rounded, interesting, flawed and layered character to play.”…“And I wore skirts but Steven Moffat had nothing to do with that! He doesn’t care about costumes. So I don’t really understand that if I’ve got to be honest.”

In short, Steven Moffat has been accused of being sexist. This might start a large discussion, and while Larkable is primarily a source for fandom news and gossip, we hate to send anyone into any debate ignorant, so for starters, here is the definition of sexism: prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender. Discuss.

Talk amongst yourselves.
Talk amongst yourselves.

This is more of a breaking news story, so most certainly we’ll address this topic again in more fleshed out detail, but mostly, this is about Karen Gillan being an incredible person for speaking her mind, defending what she believes in, and standing by her friend. You go, girl! Take your stand!

Karen Gillan

(Steven Moffat has been recorded and accused of saying some pretty slanderous things towards women, however, let’s not forget…he’s Steven Moffat. He plays with our emotions, infuriates us, and we follow him in the thousands because whatever –albeit, stupid– things he may say, he’s still a fantastic writer. )

There are just some villains

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