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frank underwood

Kevin Spacey Doing Impressions Will Never Not Be Funny

frank underwood

Kevin Spacey showed up on The Tonight Show and did some pretty spot on and hilarious impressions of Christopher Walken, Michael Caine, and Johnny Carson

Kevin Spacey is kind of a big deal right now with his role as Frank Underwood in Netflix’s gripping political thriller House of Cards (not to be confused with the BBC’s original production of House of Cards which is actually incredibly dull and hard to get through seeing as I haven’t studied any part of the last 300 years of British government, nor the book House of Cards which I haven’t even bothered with). Francis Underwood is a cold, calculating, menacing figure, only to be matched in deviousness by the prissiest, snobbiest, most popular girl in school…or something like that. If you haven’t watched House of Cards it’s ridiculously fantastic and a must watch for any history buff, poli-sci major, or Speech and Debater. It’s just fantastic.

However here Kevin Spacey steps away from his nearly psychotic fantastic persona of Frank Underwood and put those acting muscles to work with these awesome impersonations of celebrities.

By the way, in case you don’t know who Johnny Carson is, he was the original host of The Tonight Show. Here’s a clip of him and the late (aw) Robin Williams so you know just exactly how close Kevin Spacey actually was:

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