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Khal Drogo: A Cautionary Tale in the Value of Neosporin

Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Mamoa discuss the most accurate and anticlimactic death yet on “Game of Thrones”

Some could say that the death of the hulking Khal Drogo from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga is a cautionary tale about disregarding the value of antiseptic. The Dothraki War Lord wins an impressive battle with an unruly soldier, only to succumb to infection from a nick in the chest left by an errant arahk (the scythe-like blade favored by Dothraki). Of course, there’s the terrible bit where Danaerys tries to  resurrect him without realizing the cost,  and saves his life only to lose his spirit and decides her Sun and Stars would rather perish than live in a vegetative state (which was probably true).

Khal Drogo

The overall lesson, of course, feels like something Albus Dumbeldore would use in one of his heartfelt speeches at Hogwarts — a reminder that even the strongest warriors are not invulnerable nor impervious to disease or infection. Indeed, that seems to be GRRM’s point in such a mediocre death for one of his greatest characters (any naysayer’s about Khal Drogo’s character concerning the rape scene/ insistence on an unhealthy relationship with Dany can refer to my previous defense of him).

Khal Drogo
If this scene didn’t make you tear up, you have no soul.



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