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J-Law Dior

We’re Loving Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign

As a fierce voice for being true to yourself, Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign photo shoot actually does a good job holding true to her personality.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful, brave, and strong voice for women. It’s not easy being a leading lady in the Hollywood spotlight, but J-Law has been vocal about how our society needs to be nicer to girls, girls need to be nicer to each other, and girls need to love themselves. Jennifer Lawrence herself has set a great example, and that’s one of the many reasons we love her.

Dior Jennifer Lawrence

Photoshopping Jennifer Lawrence is risky business. The girl is beautiful to begin with and already sets the bar pretty high, but touch up her cheekbones and slim her waist and the twitter community blows up. Here at Larkable, we think Dior has actually done a pretty good job. There are touchups, yes, but they’re tasteful. J-Law still maintains some freckles, her eyelashes are subtle, her make-up is natural, and she’s not over-sexualized. Even possibly the sexiest photo places all the attraction on herself rather than her body.

J-Law Dior

To see more images, you can take a look here at J-Law’s New Dior Ads album on imgur or see both new and old Dior campaign photos on the Huffington Post.

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