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Wait Until You See This Enchanting Preview. You’ll Think She Shines Too!


Everyone’s been pretty hyped about the new Maleficent movie, and with good reason.

Maleficent features a new take on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty (released by Disney in 1959). The new trailer, featuring Lana del Ray’s haunting cover of “Once Upon a Dream,” first aired last night during the Grammy’s. The commercial is interspersed with shots of a curious Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora, a devious and determined Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, and exciting battle scenes. The teaser certainly does its job of enticing audiences. By all accounts, Disney has truly outdone themselves this time.


Similar to the idea behind the novel/musical WickedMaleficent is told from the antagonist’s perspective, offering audiences more dynamic villain. Chances are good that viewers will leave the theatre with a new found appreciation for Jolie’s Maleficent, and a disgust for Aurora’s father who (possibly) brought his daughter’s curse about through his own desire for power. But that’s just one theory. Check out the enchanting trailer below!

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