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Matt Smith

Breaking News: Matt Smith Returns to Doctor Who

Hot on the heels of speculation over River Song returning to Doctor Who, We have confirmation that Matt Smith will be returning for a cameo as Eleven in Series 8.

Confused? So were we. But it seems that viewers weren’t the only ones who weren’t quite ready to bid Matt Smith “Goodbye.” Big Wigs at BBC and Head Writer for the show, Steven Moffat, collaborated on a way to bring back Matt’s Doctor (Eleven) for one last farewell moment.

Smith, who was nominated for a BAFTA for his portrayal of The Doctor, saw one of the biggest increases in viewership ever during his time in the legendary role. Many were disappointed by the writing in his final episode, “The Time of the Doctor”  so perhaps this final cameo will give fans the closure they felt cheated out of by Smith’s official departure.

Matt Smith

According to the Mirror, a source revealed that Smith’s cameo will occur in a phone call made to Clara before the Christmas regeneration.

“It sounds confusing but he is ringing the future from the past and wants to assure Clara this new man is still Doctor Who.”

Matt Smith

Based on Rose Tyler’s experience in “The Christmas Invasion,” an old companion having trouble adjusting to The Doctor’s newest regeneration is entirely plausible. I mean, Capaldi’s Twelve didn’t even seem to know how to fly the Tardis in his first moments. This sets the stage for a rather confusing shift in personality not to mention ability. (Since when does The Doctor not know how to fly his Tardis?) Sources have said that Capaldi’s Doctor will be significantly darker than Tennant and Smith’s incarnations. A little more rebellious and snarkier. While the writers at Larkable can’t wait to see what Capaldi will bring to the show, it’s something of a relief to realize that we’ll get to see our goofy, bow-tie loving Doctor one last time.

Rewatch Eleven’s final moments again below, if you’re up for the heartfail.

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