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Moffat Is Already Making Us Cringe For Doctor Who

Does Steven Moffat go to bed grinning as he falls asleep, or is he afraid to blink? Not because of Angels, but because of Whovians?


If you haven’t read Entertainment Weekly’s First Look article about the upcoming release of Doctor Who, take a moment to check it out, and then come back to us and let’s process these feelings.

If you just read the article, that second-to-last sentence is probably resounding with you:

Both the 50th-anniversary special and the Christmas episode left some fans a bit teary-eyed—so how will folks feel by the end of this run? “Like they want Doctor Who to come back very, very quickly,” says Moffat with a chuckle.


Moffat is without a doubt the king of cliffhangers. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ending. Thank God nothing was left of my drink, because whatever soda would have ended up on the movie screen. I was not happy about that. And then came Sherlock. Season one wasn’t so bad because I immediately hit play and Netflix buffered up series 2, episode 1 for me, and then I had to wait years to figure out what the hell that was all about! And I was crying! Blast it Martin Freeman, you brilliant and adorable man you, leaving me practically dry-heave-bawling. Jerk!

But I’m getting sidetracked. Back to the subject at hand.

While Doctor Who can tug at my heart strings and make me beg for more, there is at least some semblance of peace. Welllll…actually, perhaps “processing what just happened” is a better term. I was able to blow through three seasons of Doctor Who before ending on the fourth and having to wait for Netflix to send me the movies in the mail. And now Moffat is just going to make me want the Doctor to come back “very, very quickly”? Moffat, what have you done?!

I sometimes envy those who don’t know the Doctor. While their lives must be so empty, they at least can live every day for what it is, unlike Whovians, who painstakingly wait hour by hour for the next episode of Doctor Who. Nearly five years of my life–5 years!–I’ve been addicted to Doctor Who and for not even 4 of those years have been spent waiting for the next episode. And now here comes a new season where once again I’ll be, waiting day by day, for the next adventure of this “fiercer, adrenaline junkie” who is now the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

I’m pretty excited to hear that the Doctor has a whole new attitude. Much like the Peter Capaldi quote above, I am ready for a change in the Doctor. I’m ready for him to be older, to be sassier, to be the Doctor who isn’t your best friend, your crush, your reason for showing up at the family reunion. I won’t say I’m a Classic Whovian, but I’ve seen the episodes, and I’m ready for the first Doctor to come back around. I want him to cause some trouble, I want him to be frustrating, and I want him to be a little villainous. Don’t bash it til you try it, because let’s be honest, if there’s one thing Steven Moffat can manage it’s a thoroughly likable jackass.

Sherlock and Moriarty

Not only am I excited for the most recent reincarnation of the Doctor, but I am super excited to get to know Clara Oswin Oswald. Perhaps I’m really stuck on the old companions, and maybe I think too much of Rose, but it didn’t feel like I got to know Clara very well. Eleven had been smitten with her from the start, not in love, just smitten–it’s a thing–so while Clara would sacrifice herself for the Doctor and we got her entire history and life purpose, I didn’t feel like I actually got to know her. She’s intelligent, has a sense of humor to match the Doctor himself, cute as a button, adventurous, and possibly has the best common sense out of all the companions, but I still don’t feel like I know her. It was obvious why the Doctor fell in love with Rose and then River (this writer does feel that he loved River because he was supposed to, but that a whole different post), I wanted Donna and Amy to be my best friends too, I couldn’t get enough of Jack and Rory, and I even feel like Martha didn’t get a fair shot because it’s really freakin’ hard to follow Rose Tyler (can we see her and Mickey again, btw? Pretty please? Because those two may just be my favorite character development in the whole series, but again, another post), but I still feel Clara is a stranger. Jenna Coleman is amazing, so why don’t I love her just yet? Was it only because we only really got her for half a season? I’m not certain, but it’s concerning that Steven Moffat has given us an ideal, independent female figure who might not be able to stand out as she stands on her own too feet. Is it going to take until someone falls in love with her that I fall in love with her too? What did Donna Noble have that made Donna shine so bright that I’m not getting in Clara? I’m really hoping that this new season let’s Clara Oswald be the incredible woman who we solidly love for that, or else if we can’t, we might find where Steven Moffat’s limitations lie. Perhaps Moffat creates better story lines than Russell Davies, but Russell Davies perhaps creates better characters than Steven Moffat.


Always an optimist, I wait patiently for Doctor Who Series 8. I can’t wait to see what this new season has to bring. Clara Oswald is going to brilliantly stand on her own, with no romantic conflict used to urge the audience to find her desirable, she’s simply going to be amazing as herself. The Doctor might actually have a Hugh Laurie’s House quality to him to make him snarky, adventure bound, and add that special something that will bring us back week after week for more. And we’re going to find out that Gallifrey is hidden in the Universe where Rose and TenToo have beautiful brown-eyed, dark-haired children who look up at the Doctor and call him “Grandfather” when he meets them for the first time, bringing this crotchety old man to tears, and making Clara tear up as well.

No? None of that? A girl can dream, can’t she?

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