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Billy Eichner

You Never Knew John Mayer Lyrics Were This Cheesy, Thanks Billy Eichner

Who doesn’t adore comedian Billy Eichner these days?

Between his recrurring roles on Parks and Rec,  and Bob’s Burgers combined with his Funny or Die series “Billy on the Street,” we’re seeing more of Eichner than ever before. And we’re loving every second of it. Eichner’s particular brand of funny is quirky, a little brash and definitely utilizes his full vocal volume range.

In his most recent minisode of “Billy on the Street,” Eichner met up with the talented Olivia Wilde. They discuss her sex life with fiancee, Jason Sudeikis, a questionable statement that wasn’t meant to go public and, best of all,  play a hilarious guessing game of “Who Said It: Pepe Le Pew or John Mayer.”  We always knew John Mayer lyrics were cheesy, we just never knew they were on par with the most ridiculous,  most amorous cartoon skunk ever created.


(featured image credit: Angela Cranford)

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