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New Girl

Top Ten Most Relatable New Girl Gifs


1) When your crush doesn’t like you back.

2) When you realize they’ve split The Hunger Games: Mockingjay into TWO movies.

3) When people “shock” you with old news.

4) When you’ve finally finished that big project right before the deadline.

5) When you wanna cut loose. Foot loose.

New Girl

6) When you check the balance on your checking account.

New Girl

7) When you go out with your friends.

8) When your friends ask you to help them move on your only day off.

New Girl

9) When you’re having one of those hair days.

New Girl

10) When your parents ask you what you’re going to do with your life.

New Girl

Basically, the moral of the story here is this: if you aren’t watching fox’s New Girl, you’re wrong.

New Girl airs on Fox on tuesday nights at 9pm/8C! You can catch up on the latest episodes here.
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