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Doctor Who series 8

New Retro logo for ‘Doctor Who’ Series 8?

Twitter user Ashley Woolston shared a behind the scenes perk for Whovians with the new Doctor Who Series 8 jackets

Doctor Who series 8

Twitter user Ashley Woolston shared this pic of the cast and crews jackets for series 8. It looks like they’re taking a step back in the marketing direction, but retro is sort of cool, don’t you agree? And older look for an older doctor?

Doctor Who Filming

Brendon Connelly wonders if this forecasts a change in the opening sequence, but as they just recently redid the opening sequence on Matt Smith’s way out (which did anyone else think was a little strange?), this writer can’t see why it a logo change would drastically affect any changes in the show. All of us Whovians just have to go out and buy new stuff to keep up to date with our diehard fandomness, which we’ll do…because that’s what we do. #Sorrynotsorry

Follow Ashley at his twitter handle for all casting things Doctor Who: @Ashleyfilms

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