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New Writer Credits for Season 8 of Doctor Who!

No, it’s not a Doctor Who trailer — or even an air date, but at least we know who else is crafting Peter Capaldi’s narrative this season.

Digital Spy broke the news earlier today, April 30th, that BBC veteran writers, Peter Harness and Jamie Mathieson will draft episodes for the eighth series of new Who. Starring Peter Capaldi as the twelfth doctor (/1st doctor of a new lifecycle?), we’ve all been dying to know what’s in store in the upcoming season. Steven Moffatt has dropped hints here and there, Gatiss trolled about another historical episode featuring a beloved british author, and even Matt Smith inspired a round of rumors about the return of River Song (played by Alex Kingston). You can be sure speculation will run rampant about the nature of Mathieson and Harness’s episodes, given their career history.

Harness wrote for Wallander, City of Vice and BBC 1’s Case Histories and a Michael Caine movie, Is Anybody There? Mathieson, meanwhile, is most notable for the 2009 film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel and Being Human.

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All we know for sure so far? Steven Moffat will pen two episodes (and presumably craft the story arc), Gatiss has also confirmed that he’s writing for Capaldi’s era (though he specified that those episodes may not be for season 8),  Phil Ford, Stephen Thompson and Gareth Roberts will also contribute to the new season. 

Capaldi’s doctor is said to be back to a dark beginning, Matt Smith will return for a cameo as 11, and Samuel Anderson joins Team TARDIS as Danny Pink of Coal Hill School (a recurring location throughout Doctor Who).

Doctor Who is supposed to return this fall on BBC One.


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