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Honest Trailers

“Honest” Trailers: We Admit It, We’re Obsessed

The Youtube Channel “Screen Junkies” has been bringing viewers commentary, “honest” trailers and parodies of our favorite television and film since 2008. Some might argue that 2014 has been their best year yet.

“First things first, what is Screen Junkies?”

“I’ve never seen any “honest trailers,” where should I start?”

Well, they’re all pretty golden. Your best bet would be to start with a movie that you’re a fan of — they’ll have you cackling and nodding your head like, “That’s it! That’s the movie!” For those of us at Larkable, that list includes:


The Hunger Games : Catching FireĀ 

Thor, The Dark World:

“Wow, those were hilarious! What do I do next?”

That’s simple: subscribe to their youtube channel and obsessively binge-watch the rest of their 100+ videos. It’s not like you had anything else on the agenda today anyways, right?


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