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Jezal dan Luthar

Open Your Ears To: Last Argument of Kings

The First Law Series comes to an end with the incredible Last Argument of Kings.

Ultima Ratio Regum Last Arguement of Kings
This Latin saying “Ultima Ratio Regum” translates into “Last Arguement of Kings.” This image is a close up of a cannon.

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First it all began with The Blade Itself where we met our illustrious point-of-view characters Logen Ninefingers, Sand dan Glokta, Ferro Maljinn, Jezal dan Luthar, Collem West, and Dogman. Then in Before They Are Hanged we followed them through difficult peril over the vast reaches of the Union and beyond, well into the Old Empire. We got to see into the depths of their souls, and whether we were happy with what we saw or we were frightened, it was exposed to us none the less.

And now in Last Argument of Kings we’re back in Adua with Jezal, Logen, Ferro, Longfoot, Malacus Quai, and Bayaz. What happens here will knock you off your feet.

Loki on floor
Oh. My. God.

Needless to say, the transformation Jezal goes through on their perilous journey through the Old Empire plays into his return to the Agriont. His time on the quest has certainly effected him and we get to see how that works out. His endless fascination with Ardee West also reaches a crescendo in Last Argument of Kings. God, how I wish I could say more. I want to say so much more so bad!

Also freshly returned to Adua is Superior Sand dan Glokta. If you’ve been following his job, or if you’ve been paying attention to his inner dialog, you’ll realize that every task Glokta has been given has been hopeless. He has consistently been set up for failure by his superior, Arch Lector Sult, and now he’s been called back with, as Steven Pacey implicated in his voice talent in the last book, very little consideration or thought to all of Glokta’s failures. So what does the Superior’s return to Adua have in store for him? “Body found floating by the docks…” The Arch Lector’s motives are questionable to say the very least, and now we’re back to figure out what the Hell is actually going on.

Some of our favorite character aren’t able to enjoy the comforts of home just yet. Major Collem West continues to be caught between the war with the North, battling not only himself, but his own superiors in the King’s Own. Lord Marshall Burr, Pike, and the Northmen seem to be his only friends, but soon each of them comes to their own struggles and West has to force his way forward with the disadvantage of his low birth, high born pricks blocking him at every move, and the constant threat of Bethod, King of the North.

Last Argument of Kings gives us the most intimate encounter with Bethod, and it might be the understatement of the review when I say…is Bethod really as bad as we have been led to perceive? And is Logen Ninefingers, aka, The Bloody Nine, really the easy going, laid back, friendly man we’ve come to love fiercely? This third and final audiobook in the First Law series will send chills up your spine as you listen to the story unfold.

If it hasn’t been obvious yet so far, the entire series was basically written as one story. Each book has its story arch, climatic points, and ending, but Last Argument of Kings is going to bring everything together. While The First Law Series isn’t exactly epic fantasy, Last Argument of Kings is, undoubtedly, the most epic ending. It turns this tale on its head. We see the full power from both The First of the Magi Bayaz and The Second of the Order Khalul, and it is terrible, awe inspiring, and…well, epic!

Last Argument Audio

So much happens in this book, but to say more would be to spoil what happens in the first and second books. Joe Abercrombie truly outdoes himself and Steven Pacey brings this fantastical tale to an end in the perfect tone. It’s been a long journey, an unusual one for certain, and now this is the end.

Once it’s over you might be in shock. You might go into post-novel depression. You might just have to listen to this trilogy all over again. You have to be realistic about these things.

You are not going to be disappointed.

Larkable says wrap it up and finish this incredible First Law Series with Last Argument of Kings

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