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Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with the CW’s Reign

The CW has done it again: Freshman Series Reign has fans enthralled… And Larkable is no exception. Purchased for development back in fall of 2012, Reign was promoted as “Game of Thrones” meets Marie Antoinette — producers did not disappoint. Of course, the show conforms to common CW tropes: a dramatic love triangle, will-they-won’t-they relationships, and more hook-ups and break ups in the first 14 episodes than most rookie shows could hope to pull off. Despite all the clichés, Reign gets several things right, retaining an element of…

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Legend of Korra

Top 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for the Next Installment of “Legend of Korra”

Warning: this post contains spoilers for season 2 of Legend of Korra! [Likely you’ve already watched it (and watched it again) but if not — proceed with caution.] Book 2: Spirits (AKA season 2) of Legend of Korra only wrapped a little over three months ago but who isn’t already anticipating the next installment? “Spirits” wrapped at a point of such potential, it’s hard to believe we have to wait who knows how long for Book 3: Changes.  In the season finale of Korra, “Light in the…

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Orphan Black

Say Goodbye to Your Weekend and Hello to “Orphan Black”

Our Favorite Corporate BFFs have struck again: BBC announced this morning that Orphan Black will stream exclusively on Amazon Instant Prime. This announcement comes only weeks after BBC revealed that Amazon Prime had commissioned a third series of the cancelled BBC historical drama Ripper Street. For those of us without BBCAmerica, the Amazon/BBC relationship is welcome news. This writer had been itching to watch Orphan Black ever since the pilot blew up on Tumblr. The excellence of the show aside, critics are raving about the lead actress,  Canadian Tatiana…

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Psych-os: Prepare Yourselves

Yesterday Morning, the USA Hit Series “Psych” seemed to be on a winning streak, well into its eighth season with no end in sight! Yesterday afternoon? Fans were shocked to find that the next five episodes, returning February 26th, will — in fact — be the final five episodes of the show. Ever. The series will conclude on March 26th, followed by an hour long Q and A session with Steve Franks, the show creator, and the major cast members. Luckily, though the network hadn’t…

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