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Patrick Stewart Kimmel live

Patrick Stewart Acts Out Expedia’s Most Annoying Passengers

And it might just be one of the funniest and most cringeworthingly awkward experiences you’ll ever have

There’s not a lot of reason for preamble here, let’s roll the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip, shall we?

Oh my gosh, yes! Yes! A million times yes!

So first off, we should say thanks to Nerd Approved for sharing this Patrick Stewart clip in the first place, because it’s funny as all get out.

Second, for more obnoxious airline offender traits and to make certain you don’t have any of them, check out this article that has Expedia’s list of of onboard etiquette violators, which was the inspiration for the clip. It makes it slightly more enjoyable as you continue to imagine Patrick Stewart enacting all of them.

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