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City of Heavenly Fire

Are You Ready for “City of Heavenly Fire”? So Are We!

City of Heavenly Fire

The Mortal Instruments:City of Heavenly Fire is set to come out May 27, but Entertainment Weekly already has an exclusive interview with author Cassandra Clare!

So what are some highlights from that interview? The cover of Heavenly Fire was revealed earlier this month on Insider and features both Clary and her brother, Sebastian, on the cover. Clare says of the cover,

This is the big face-off. This is the book where [Clary] goes up against her brother Sebastian, and he is the big villain. It’s kind of like a Batman/Joker cover. … And in a way, there’s a play of light and dark going on on the cover, and that sets up a big battle between good and evil with Clary standing for good and Sebastian standing for evil.

She couldn’t give away any major spoilers, of course, but hinted that clues are on the book jacket- in the weapons held and the necklace Clary sports. Check it out for yourselves!

City of Heavenly Fire
Simon and Schuster

Other big spoilers? Prepare yoursevles: Clare has revealed that a major character dies early on in the novel and Clare is positive it’s going to really stun people. Personally, I don’t know if anything could leave this writer as devastated as that character death in Divergent (spoilers) but I’d rather not test that theory.  Luckily there is a bright side: readers have not one but TWO weddings to look forward to by the end of the book! Of course, rumors abound as to which of the three main couples will be tying the knot, but there’s nothing concrete yet. This writer has her own theories, but I’ll keep them under wraps for now.

City of Heavenly Fire
Clary (Lily Collins), Alec (Kevin Zegers), Jace (Jaime Campbell Bower) and Isabelle (Jemima West) from the movie “City of Bones” released in summer of 2013, now available on DVD.

If you’re another fan, dying for a glimpse into what this final epic conclusion will hold, your wait is (briefly) over: Entertainment Weekly is featuring the full interview with Cassandra Clare and an excerpt of the much anticipated novel here! Go check it out!

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