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Arrested Development

5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For More ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

The creators and actors love this show as much as the fans, and it looks like we can expect more Bluths in the future with Season 5 and the Arrested Development movie.

Season 4 wasn’t exactly what we fans were expecting and now the creators realize that, so going forward it looks like we can expect more of what we miss. In order to jog some memories, here are 5 reasons we can’t wait for Arrested Development to get back on track.

1. We can’t wait to see the Bluth brothers back in action

Bluth Brothers





michael wink

2. Lucille Bluth’s smooth moves

Lucille wink

I love all my children

I don't care for Gob

I won't hear it

3. The Funke portion of the family


It's Vodka

I don't want to blame it all on 9:11


Just Blue myself

4. George Michael. Just…everything George Michael. We want more of him.

hey pal, you alone

almost always

George Michael


5. And of course, the family’s impersonations of a chicken


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