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River Song

Could The Doctor’s Wife Make A Comeback for Peter Capaldi?

river song

Not if Matt Smith has anything to say about it!

At least, that’s what Smith told the masses at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con over this past weekend. Alex Kingston’s River Song first appeared on Doctor Who back in Tennant’s era for what was thought to be a one-time guest appearance. That all changed once Matt Smith came in and Moffat became headwriter. Kingston was invited back multiple times to develop River Song, her narrative and her relationship with the doctor.

River’s character arc was crucial to Smith’s timeline as the Doctor, as she ended up being the daughter of his best friends who was kidnapped at birth and brainwashed to kill her future husband. Confusing? Yes, but that’s Moffat for you. Her storyline seemed to be at an end when Kingston last appeared on Doctor Who as River Song Post-Humous-from-The-Library, yet fans might not be ready to say goodbye. Since the announcement of Capaldi for the new Doctor, the question has come up more and more of whether or not River would have adventures with Twelve as well. Could this work? Certainly. When we first meet River Song during “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead,” she tells the Doctor that she has pictures of all of his faces implying that she’s seen multiple reincarnations of him- more than just the two.

If Moffat wanted to bring Kingston back, all he would need to do is intersect Capaldi’s timeline somewhere with River Song’s before she goes to the library. Their lives are back to front anyways, right? But not everyone is completely thrilled with this idea. Matt Smith has spoken out on a few occasions about the idea of River returning for a fling with Capaldi.

When the question came up this past weekend at a panel during the New Orleans Comic Con, Matt’s response was even more emphatic than before,

I’m really possessive over Alex! I said this to Steven, I was like, ‘Listen mate, just don’t–just not Alex.’ Anyone else, but don’t give [Capaldi] River, you know…But I am really proud of the fact that Alex was part of number Eleven’s life…my wife!

Will Matt’s plea make a difference in whether or not Capaldi’s doctor gets to meet River Song? Possibly. Fans will simply have to wait and see, when Doctor Who returns later this year (possibly as early as July). See Smith’s full response below!


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