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The Hobbit Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn: The Hobbit and Harry Potter Specials

Sarah Dunn has published a gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS collection of photos from the incredible players in The Hobbit.

Every single one of these stunning photos is credited to the incredible Sarah Dunn.

Serkis, McKellen, and Freeman

The Hobbit Sarah Dunn

Lee Pace

Ian McKellen

We live in a visual world, and here at Larkable, we like to highlight those who visualize our fandoms best. If you haven’t heard of Sarah Dunn before, please check out her incredible work. I personally suggest beginning with her Harry Potter Specials. Let me give you a little taste of what this amazing artist has to offer:

Harry, Hermoine, and Ron

Ginny Weasley

Luna Lovegood


Michael Gambon

If you love what you see here as much as we do, please go like her on Facebook at Sarah Dunn Photography to catch all her phenomenal photos!

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